Details for 2025 to be announced soon

Leading experts will be showcasing products, produce, techniques and offering advice through live demonstrations in our new space situated in the extended marquee.

Set to enhance what the suppliers have to offer as well as educate, solve problems, inspire with trends and techniques and help to create a seamless customer journey, the new Kitchen Demo Zone is something not to be missed.

Here’s who will be appearing

Nina Matsunga, The Black Bull in Sedbergh  – Live Cooking Demonstration 

12 pm both days

Since opening the doors of The Black Bull in 2018, Nina’s been turning heads with her food, sourcing and cooking local ingredients to produce inspired dishes that are full of international influences.

Alongside her obvious ability as a chef Nina takes great pride in knowing exactly where and how her ingredients are reared and produced. It’s one of the reasons she is passionate about regenerative farming and supporting local farmers and producers who rear animals in this way. Not only is farming in this way kinder to the animals and the planet, but also produces meat that is higher in essential nutrients and healthy fats, helping to diminish the myth that eating meat is bad for the environment. Nina and her team operate a nose to tail kitchen, dealing with farmers directly, purchasing animals for the menus in person, before utilising the services of a local slaughterhouse, who then deliver direct animals to the kitchen, where the team then expertly butcher them in house, ensuring that every part is used, and nothing goes to waste.

This approach has earned Nina a deserved reputation, which has seen her feature in The Good Food Guide, The Good Pub Guide and Hardens Guide. It has also earned the Black Bull’s second AA rosette for culinary excellence, be recognised as the Best Pub in Cumbria, and the Best Pub in the North West by the National Pub & Bar Awards, Alongside that Nina has also been awarded the coveted title of Best Pub Chef presented by the Craft Guild of Chefs and more recently she has also achieved a place in the UK’s top 50 gastropub list for the last two consecutive years.

Eat Wild – Live Cooking Demonstration with Lousia Clutterbuck

2pm both days

Louisa Clutterbuck is the CEO of Eat Wild and Founder of Women Who Work In Fieldsports, she wears many hats in the world of wild game. Beyond her role as a podcast host and contributor to various magazines, she actively champions the culinary delights of wild meat. At Eat Wild, the dedicated development board she leads, the focus extends beyond advocacy to the promotion of the nutritional richness and sustainability of venison, partridge, pheasant, grouse, and pigeon. Louisa’s commitment to the intersection of gastronomy and conservation resonates through her engaging content, making her a driving force in the celebration and responsible consumption of wild game.

An introduction to the Flavour Blaster Pro2 and the new JetChill system

1 pm both days

Let the team from Flavour Blaster show off the Flavour Blaster Pro2 Aroma guns and how easy they are to use and also introducing their new JetChill system and range of bespoke cocktail and glassware

Flavour Blaster Pro2: Bubble Gun For Cocktails | Cocktail Smoking Kit (

New JetChill System: Jetchill Dry Ice Machine – Twin Probe 2 (

Demonstration by Kelly Senior, from Flavour Blaster

What is good coffee by Brian Williams from Farrer’s Tea and Coffee Merchants

11 am Wednesday 28th February

If choosing the right coffee for your business feels like a mine field with so many different options. Brian at Farrers will take you on a journey of different beans from around the world and the properties they are able to offer your business. The oldest independent coffee roasters in the UK based in Cumbria with over 200 years roasting experience, this is a unique opportunity to get an insight into which coffee is right for your business and how it can be best brewed.

Demonstration by Brian Williams, from Farrer’s Tea and Coffee Merchants

You can find Brian on Stand 84 in the main hall.

Pairing Botanical Spirits with Sweet & Savoury Treats. Meet Zoe from Shed One (Distillery)

3pm Wednesday, 28th February

Zoe bakes & hosts a botanical-inspired Afternoon G&Tea at Shed One. Incorporating botanicals we use in our Spirits, she’s continued to create and tweak the edible treats. For this demo, Zoe will be talking about the inspiration for Shed One Botanical Spirits and how food complements them. There will be tasters of both spirits and treats.

Shaking Up Non-Alcoholic Alternatives.  Alcohol Free Drinks Company  – Andy Mee

11am Thursday, 29th February

Life is changing for many and we are seeing an increasing number of non-drinkers in society.  More and more people are choosing to go completely sober,  or even just reduce their alcohol intake which means more people are on the lookout for non-alcoholic alternatives.  Gone are the days of minimal choice, when all you could find was that dusty bottle of beer often found lurking at the back of the shelf.   In today’s market it is essential to be able to offer a full range of interesting and tasty alternatives.

Andy, will be showcasing his many Alcohol Free products, including spirits, beers, ciders and wine,  as well as updating you on the law as it stands at the moment in relation to what is and what is not