Purple Planet Packaging Stand M40

At Purple Planet, our core mission revolves around a vision of a green and sustainable future. Ideally, we’d love to see everyone embracing our eco products all the time. We’re passionate about the planet and ardently believe in the difference each eco-friendly choice can make. However, we’re also realists. We recognize that there are myriad reasons why our eco products might not always fit the bill for every single use-case or situation.

We don’t want to leave you hanging in those moments. That’s why, besides our sustainable line, we also offer other sourced products to ensure your needs are met. At the same time, we strongly encourage trying out our eco alternatives. We’re confident that once you experience the quality and value embedded in our eco items, you’ll become as big an advocate for them as we are.

Being a family-run enterprise, there’s a unique blend of personal touch, dedication, and expertise that we bring to the table. We’ve seen the ins and outs of the UK food-service industry for years. This extensive experience has provided us with deep insights, understanding the nuanced requirements of various stakeholders – be it the budding artisan café chains, the lone street-food vendor hustling at the corner, the bustling outdoor event caterers, or the meticulous food festival managers.

We understand that when it comes to catering, especially in the context of compostable disposables, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we take pride in being adaptable, versatile, and always ready to support the diverse needs of our clientele.

In conclusion, while our heart beats for eco sustainability, we’re here for all your catering needs, striving to bring you the best of both worlds. Join us on this journey – where quality, value, and sustainability coalesce. Together, let’s make a difference, one choice at a time.